Work Safely at Heights

Awarding participants with a Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment, the Safe Working at Heights course is tailored to specific industry requirements from the mining and resource sector through to the construction and manufacturing industry.

Course Description

Each course is tailored to the industry and if required, the specific job undertaken by the participants. Based on the requirements of the WHS Regulations, National Codes of Practice and Australian Standards applicable. The Work Safely at Heights course addresses the requirements for all persons 
working at height. The three working systems - Fall Restraint, Fall Arrest and Work Positioning are covered in detail, with a heavy emphisis on the practical application of skills practiced and assessed throughout the course.

The Work Safely at Heights course includes the following topics:

  • Standards & Regulations
  • Hazards and Risk Assessments
  • Height Safety Equipment Inspection and Maintenance
  • Working with ladders
  • Work Platforms and Scaffolding
  • Working Systems
  • Anchors and Restraints
  • Fall clearances
  • The Pendulum effect
  • Horizontal and Vertical Lifelines
  • Safe Work Methods
  • Suspension Trauma
  • Rescue Techniques

Course Duration

The course is delivered in one day, over an 8 hour period.

Delivery mode

Training is delivered face to face including both theory and practical components. Practical application of skills is strongly emphasised.

Award and Recognition

Successful participants will be awarded the following National Units of Competency.

RIIWHS204D Work Safely at Heights


There is no pre requisite for this course

Further Information

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