Emergency Response Training - Healthcare Emergency Officer (Warden)

Emergency Response Training - Healthcare Emergency Officer

Course Description

With modern fires completely engulfing a room in under 5 minutes, the true first responders are the staff already onsite when the emergency occurs. In a healthcare environment such as a hospital, an immediate and eficient response to any alarm of fire or incifdent is mandatory to ensure the safety of occupants. The actions or inactions of the staff will greatly affect the outcome for all occupants in the event of an emergency occuring.

The Emergency Response Training - Healthcare Officer course covers response procedures, evacuation procedures and the skills required to act as a member of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) in the role of an Emergency Officer in a healthcare setting. This course builds on skills and knowledge gained in the Emergency Response Training - Healthcare General Occupant course.

Course Content

This course is aimed at occupants undertaking the role of Emergency Officer as part of the Emergency Control Organisation in a healthcare environment. The course is specifically tailored to the organisation and the facilities individual risks and is based on the requirements of the Australian Standard AS4083-2010 Planning for Emergencies - Healthcare Facilities.

Participants will gain the essential knowledge required to respond and effectively communicate during an emergency as part of the Emergency Control Organisation in the event of an emergency.

At the completion of this course, participants will demonstrate skills in conducting an evacuation, managing occupants, operating emergency equipment, reporting and liaising with Emergency Services in the role of a Emergency Officer in a HEalthcare environment.

Topics include:

  • Obligations of the Healthcare Emergency Officer as per Australian Standards
  • WHS Legislation
  • Fire Safety Equipment and the Building Code of Australia
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Emergency Officer
  • Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures
  • The management of persons with special needs
  • Emergency control points, their location, use and importance
  • Hazards and associated risk management, as appropriate to the facility
  • Patient removal techniques
  • Operation of the Emergency Control Systems installed within the building

Course Duration

The course is delivered over a 1.5 hour period.

Delivery mode

Training is delivered face to face including both theory and practical components with a strong emphasis on the practical application of skills. The course involves the use of the emergency control sytems installed within the facility and also includes a practical evacuation activity where suitable.

Award and Recognition

Successful participants will be awarded a Statement of Training.


Participants are required to have completed the Emergency Response Training - Healthcare General course prior to enrolment.

For more information please contact EMS on 1300 133 302 or visit www.ems.edu.au