Healthcare Violence Cat 1

Course Description

The Healthcare Violence Category 1 training will provide an overview of the requirements for staff in Healthcare facility as outlined by the NSW Health Policy Directive.

Course Content

  • Understanding violence, the zero tolerance policy and key components of aggressive, intimidating, threatening or violent behaviour; 
  • Customer service principles and application, including the need to be reasonably identified by patients and visitors, eg name badges; 
  • Dealing with difficult people over the telephone; 
  • Identifying and applying strategies available to them for risk management to prevent violence;
  • Identifying and selecting appropriate response options when confronted with violent behaviour; 
  • Identifying aggressive behaviour that may escalate to violence if not managed properly; 
  • Giving priority to both personal safety and the safety of others when confronted with aggressive, intimidating, threatening or violent behaviour; 
  • Using verbal and non-verbal communication strategies to defuse violent behaviour where appropriate; 
  • Identifying when, how and who to call for assistance; 
  • Knowing the location of fixed duress alarms and knowing how to use a personal duress alarm unit; 
  • Utilising emergency and duress protocols applying to their workplace; 
  • Operating emergency/ duress equipment in their workplace; Drills simulating the activation of the emergency/ duress procedures; 
  • Understanding the roles and tasks of the various staff involved in a duress response; 
  • Understanding the policies and procedures for reporting and record keeping protocols relating to the Incident Information Management System (IIMS) and the Zero Tolerance to Violence mandatory reporting; 
  • Using personal reflective practices about how an incident was dealt with; 
  • Understanding the incident investigation process and the role of staff in the process; 
  • Understanding policies and procedures for obtaining medical care, counselling, workers’ compensation or legal assistance after a violent incident; 
  • Identifying available support services following a violent incident; and 
  • Identifying how management can provide post-incident support services, including Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and workers compensation.

Course Duration

The course is delivered as a workshop over an 45 minuute period.

Delivery mode

Training is delivered face to face as a workshop style session requiring active participation from participants.

Award and Recognition

Successful participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.


There are no pre requsites for this course

Further Information

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