Emergency Response Training - Childcare

Course Description 

Tailored for the Child Care Environment, this course is designed to equip participants to respond to and manage an emergency situation and, where required, evacuate the building in a structured order. 

This course also includes the First Attack Fire Fighting component where participants are trained in firefighting techniques, as most fire incidents can be resolved by quick decisive action and the effective application of the correct extinguishing medium. The First Attack Fire Fighting component not only teaches participants how to use a fire extinguisher but also how to safely identify and suppress small fires. 

Included in the training is the practical use of a fire extinguisher, fire blanket and, where available, a fire hose reel to extinguish a live fire.

Course Content 

Participants will gain knowledge and understanding of fire safety, emergency prevention, emergency procedures, alarm signals, alarm codes and how to respond to a workplace emergency. 

The equipment used within this course will be orientated around that which is available within the client’s premises. Where there is a unique risk or hazard the course will be tailored to address this. 

Participants will gain knowledge and understanding of basic fire chemistry, methods of extinguishment, limitations of the First Attack equipment and safe working practices including the implications and hazards associated with improper use. 

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to demonstrate skills in hazard identification, alarm notification and emergency response, fire identification and suppression, including the practical selection and operation of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels and Fire Blankets. 

Topics include: 

  • Emergency and Hazard Identification 
  • Emergency prevention 
  • Emergency Codes as per AS3745 
  • An overview of Emergency Systems and Alarms 
  • Emergency Response Procedures 
  • Evacuation Procedures in a Child Care setting 
  • Evacuation Equipment 
  • Accounting for Occupants 
  • Emergency Points, their location, use and importance 
  • The Theory of Fire and its Suppression 
  • Identification of First Attack Fire Fighting Equipment 
  • The Operation of First Attack Fire Fighting Equipment 
  • Safe Working Practices 
  • Post Fire Procedures 

Course Duration 

The course is delivered over a period of 1.5 hours. 

Delivery mode 

Training is delivered face to face including both theory and practical components, with a strong emphasis on the practical application of skills.

Award and Recognition 

Successful participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance. 


There are no pre requisites for this course.

For more information please contact EMS on 1300 133 302 or visit ems.edu.au