Emergency Response Training - Chief Warden

To lead an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) an individual must be respected, have good decision making abilities and a good understanding of the building that they have responsibility for. The ERT Chief Warden course prepares and gives these important staff members the skills and confidence to fulfil the role of Chief Warden and lead the ECO.

Course Description

As required by WHS Legislation and Standards, the Employer must provide for emergency situations.  Each building from classes two (2) to nine (9) must have an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) in place populated with staff that are trained to take control of a building and implement response procedures in the event of an incident occurring.

The actions of the ECO must be coordinated and directed by a Chief Warden, who must be trained in the specific role, responsibility and actions to be taken in the event of an emergency.

Course Content

The Emergency Response Chief Warden course covers response procedures, evacuation procedures and the skills required to act as the leader of an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO). The training logically builds on the skills gained during General Occupant and Warden courses.

Participants will gain the essential knowledge required to make decisions, implement procedures and take appropriate action(s) for the response to an incident. Participants will also learn communication skills required to effectively coordinate the ECO during an incident.

At the completion of this course, participants will demonstrate the full spectrum of skills required to initiate an emergency response, communicate with the ECO, coordinate appropriate actions, evacuate the premises, reporting requirements and liaison with Emergency Services.

Topics include:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the Chief Warden
  • The operation and use of Emergency Control Equipment
  • Identification of the incident location
  • Operation of the EWS or EWIS, where installed
  • Coordinating and emergency response
  • Coordinating the evacuation
  • Response procedures for a variety of incidents
  • Record maintenance and notification priorities
  • Specific risks and site management, as appropriate to the client site

Course Duration

The course is delivered over an 2 hour period.

Delivery mode

Training is delivered face to face including both theory and practical components with a strong emphasis on the practical application of skills. The course involves practical session on emergency management and response and evacuation coordination.

Award and Recognition

Successful participants will be awarded a Statement of Training.


Participants are required to have completed the Emergency Response Training - General Occupant and Warden courses prior to enrolment.

Further Information

For more information please contact EMS on 1300 133 302 or visit www.ems.edu.au