100% Money Back Guarantee

Emergency Management Services offers a 100% money back guarantee for all training courses.

We believe that we provide the best training that money can buy. So much so, that if you are not completely satisfied with your training course we will retrain you and your staff at no additional charge or, if you are completely dissatisfied, we offer a full refund.

That's right, a full refund on all course fees.

Just another great reason to put your trust in Emergency Management Services.

Our 100% money back guarantee is applicable for all training courses. If you as the client or participant, are not totally satisfied with the training you have received, EMS will refund the full cost of the training fees less any additional expenses.

This guarantee is subject to certain terms and conditions, and assessments. The client/participant is required to contact the EMS office within forty-eight (48) hours from completion of the course to obtain a copy of the Application for Refund Form to complete and return to the EMS office for assessment. If the application is successful, the refund will be processed and refunded within a fourteen (14) day period.

Any questions relating to refunds or claims on this guarantee should be directed to your trainer or Emergency Management Services’ CEO.