Evacuation Diagrams

The staff at Emergency Management Services are experts in emergency planning and operational management.  We provide a range of services to ensure your compliance with relevant legislative and industry based standards, including the review and development of Evacuation Diagrams.

All EMS Evacuation Diagrams comply with Australian Standard 3745-2010 with clear and concise information that is easy for occupants to interpret and for the Emergency Control Organisation to manage in the event that an incident occurs.

EMS will engage with your representative to come up with the best approach for Evacuation Diagram plan design and development to fit your business' requirements.  This may include an onsite visit and complimentary consultation regarding overall compliance requirements, if required.

Other services related to Emergency Planning compliance includes:

Further information on the requirements for Evacuation Diagrams can be found within the Australian Standard 3745-2010. An overview of these requirements can be found by following link:

Requirements for Evacuation Diagrams as per Australian Standard 3745-2010

For more information please contact an EMS Consultant today.