What PA messages should I deliver when operating the Emergency Warning and Evacuation Systems.

EWIS PA Messages

Initial Alarm Activation
Attention all occupants. An alarm has activated within the building. We are making investigations. Please stand by for further instructions.

After the Alarm has been Investigated
Attention building occupants. The alarm has now been investigated and at this stage there is no cause for concern. We are now awaiting final clearance from Fire Rescue NSW.

When an Incident Requires Evacuation
Attention all building occupants. An incident has occurred that requires you to evacuate the building. Please evacuate by the nearest exit following the directions of staff.

After ‘All Clear’ from Fire Rescue NSW
Attention building occupants. The all clear has now been given by Fire Rescue NSW. Thank you for your attention. We apologise for any inconvenience.

When the System is Tested
Attention all building occupants. The buildings fire alarm system is about to operate as part of a test of the systems functions. Please do not respond to the alarm, I repeat this is a system test, please disregard the alarm.