Confined Space

Train your staff onsite in our state of the art Confined Space simulator

Confined Space Training Courses

OH&S legislation requires Employers to provide training for all persons who are required to work in or on a confined space.  

This training must be conducted on all relevant activites relating to entering and working in or on the confined space.

Emergency Management Services provides state of the art Confined Space training combining industry skill sets, nationally accredited training units and industry best practice. EMS provides the skills, knowledge and competencies required to effectively and safely work in confined spaces, including delivery of practical rescue training simulations in the fully equiped Confined Space Simulator.

Our training approach is 'hands on' with practical training tools to develop staff competence and confidence. Scenario based learning provides realism and opportunities to apply skills whilst being supervised by professionals in a monitored environment.

With high quality training, staff can effectively carry out their roles, preventing down time, incidents and most imporantly, the potential loss of life. 

 A list of the Confined Space courses currently available are at the following link:

Confined Space courses

Confined Space Resources

EMS provides a range of resources for use by our valued customers, including but not limited to Codes of Practice, Guidelines and WorkCover requirements.

A list of the Confined Space resources that are currently available are at the following link:

Model WH&S Regulations
Model Code of Practice - Confined Space

Confined Space Products

EMS offers a range of Rescue and Safety products used by Emergency Service Personnel all over the world. We pride ourselves by aligning with quality brands and only distribute the highest quality equipment. Brands distributed by EMS include products by Zoll, Cardiac Science, Lifetec, Spanset, Led Lenser, Edilrid, Kong, Xtirpa, Leatherman, Innova and many more.

Please contact EMS if you are interested in purchasing from our specialist product range.